Overseas Shipment Dimensions

One Aqua-Cycle™ has a shipping weight of 233.3kg (514 lbs) and is 7.1m³ (251 ft³). Each is shipped partially assembled, meaning that we assemble the drive train (pedal crank to the rear axle) and you attach the wheels, seat, and front fork upon delivery.

Overseas Packaging

Each Aqua-Cycle™ is shipped in three parts.

  1. One set of three wheels (88kg / 1.22m x 1.22m x 1.66m = 2.5m³)
  2. One box of seat, parts and SparePak (27.3kg / 0.66m x 0.66m x 1.25m = 0.55m³)
  3. Pallet of frames (xx-kg / 1.88m x 1.83m x xx-m = xx-m³) Weight of xx-kg is calculated at 45.3kg per frame plus 72.6kg per pallet. Height of xx-m is calculated at 1.07m for pallet with one frame plus 0.36m additional height for each additional frame. Total of xx-m³ is all frames on one pallet.

Up to 4 frames can be loaded on one pallet for shipment by sea in a container. The total number of frames on one pallet for shipment by air varies per carrier.

For example: A shipment of 8 Aqua-Cycles™ by sea in a 20ft container:

  1. 8 sets of 3 wheels each (total: 704kg / 20m³)
  2. 8 boxes of 1 seat, parts and SparePak (total: 219kg / 4.4m³)
  3. 2 pallets of 4 frames each (total: 510kg / 14.7m³)

Shipment by sea in a 20ft container = 18 units / 1433kg weight / 39.1m³ total

FCL – Full Container Load shipments by sea:

Up to 20 Aqua-Cycles™ and SparePaks can be loaded into one 45ft “high cube” container (when loaded at our plant)

Up to 16 Aqua-Cycles™ and SparePaks can be loaded into one 40ft “high cube” container (when loaded at our plant)

Up to 15 Aqua-Cycles™ and SparePaks can be loaded into one 40ft standard container (when loaded at our plant)

Up to 8 Aqua-Cycles™ and SparePaks can be loaded into one 20ft standard container (when loaded at our plant)

To maximize the quantity of Aqua-Cycles™ per container, while loading the container we may find it necessary to separate some wheels and seats from their standard packaging because of limited space.

We load your FCL order into a container at our plant for no additional charge. This helps minimize your cost and us to maximize the number of units that can be loaded into the container. FCL is the most inexpensive method of shipping Aqua-Cycles™ overseas.

LCL – Less than Container Load

LCL is when a variety of products are combined into the same container by a shipping line, freight forwarder, logistics company or consolidator. For quantities of 1, 2, or 3 Aqua-Cycles™, LCL may be cost effective.  For shipments of 4 or more Aqua-Cycles™, it is less inexpensive to ship FCL even if the container is not completely filled.

Air Freight

The air freight shipping costs can range from $2,000 to $5,000 per Aqua-Cycle™. We recommend shipping air freight only when you must receive your order quickly. Please do not ask for an air freight shipping quote unless you are prepared to pay a very high shipping rate.

Shipping Charges

These include the various transportation costs and other fees such as for documents, special handling, insurance, port security clearance, etc. Not included are destination customs / duty / taxes / DDC charges, which are the responsibility of the consignee to pay separately.

In most cases, customers want us to handle the details of international shipping, but if you would rather do it yourself, simply put us in touch with your freight forwarder or consolidator located in the United States. We will coordinate the details with them.

Shipping Terms

Aqua-Cycle™ orders are shipped INCOTERMS: CIF unless other arrangements have been made at the time of placing your order.

Shipping Quotations

We will be glad to request a shipping quote to the international seaport or airport nearest you. We must know approximately when you will be placing your order, the quantity of Aqua-Cycles™ and SparePaks, and the destination seaport or airport. Shipping quotes are estimations and subject to change by the carriers at the time of order.

HS Code

This is the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System Code. The HS Code for Aqua-Cycle Water Trikes is 9506.29.0080.

Point of Origin

Aqua-Cycles™ are shipped from Brownwood, Texas – USA (zip code 76801).

Questions & Customer Support

Call us with any questions about shipping, containers, the loading process, shipping lines, and/or another party with whom you would like us to work.