Campground fun for the whole family

Campground water rentals are not just about power boats and jet skis.  Aqua-Cycle™ Water Trikes make a great, environmentally-friendly option to gas powered watercraft. Because they are pedal-powered they don’t require gas or oil, and produce no noxious, nauseating fumes. Oh, and they’re quiet, too.

Aqua-Cycles™ are great for the whole family to use and enjoy. Unlike powered boats that require an adult with a bit of skill (and sometimes a license) to operate, Aqua-Cycles™ require no training or licensing. Kids can even operate them safely while the adults watch from shore. The lack of powered engine also means less maintenance and repair for your campground water rental business.

Many big wheeled Aqua-Cycle™ Water Trikes at a pond at a city park with kids and families enjoy the water tricycles.