Truck Shipment Dimensions

One Aqua-Cycle™ has a shipping weight of 508 lbs. and 251 ft3 . Each Aqua-Cycle™ is shipped partially assembled meaning that we assemble the drivetrain (pedal crank to the rear axle). You attach the wheels, seat, and front fork following our assembly instructions.

Truck Packaging

Each Aqua-Cycle™ is shipped as two units.

  1. The three wheels and seat on one pallet (254# / 48”x48”x91” = 121ft³ / Class 250 / NMFC 156600-3)
  2. Up to 5 frames on one pallet (???# / 74″L x 72″W x ???”H = ???ft³ / Class 250 / NMFC 190820)

Weight is calculated at 100# per frame plus 160# for the one pallet. Height is calculated at 42″ for pallet with one frame plus 14″ additional height for each additional frame.

Up to 5 frames can be shipped on one pallet.

For example: 4 Aqua-Cycles™ will be shipped as:

  1. 4 pallets of 3 wheels and seat each (total: 1,016# / 486ft³)
  2. 1 pallet of 4 frames (total: 560# / 259ft³)

Total shipment is: 5 pallets / 1,576# weight / 745ft³

Truck Lines

Truck lines are typically used for shipments within the United States and Canada, and to some locations in Mexico. We will locate a truck line for your shipment that delivers to your area and has a reasonable rate. If you have a preferred carrier, we would be glad to use them, but they must have pick up capability in Brownwood, Texas 76801. Some of the truck lines which service Brownwood, Texas are Central Transport, Estes Express, Southeastern Freight Lines, AAA Cooper, Overnight, and SAIA.

Shipping Charges

Truck shipments are normally sent “Shipping Prepaid” meaning that you pay for the truck charges with your order. Special arrangements can be made for collect, on account, or 3rd-party-billing shipments, but often the freight cost is higher than what we have already negotiated for prepaid shipments.

Point of Origin

Aqua-Cycles™ are shipped from Brownwood, Texas 76801.


Most truck lines can track your shipment as it moves from us to you. Call the local truckline office and ask them to trace your shipment. We will send you the truckline and tracking information shortly after the shipment is picked up.

Questions & Customer Support

Call us with any questions about shipping and trucklines.


You are responsible for properly receiving your freight shipment, including inspection of each item upon delivery, checking for missing pieces or visible damage, and having the driver note anything out of the ordinary on the freight bill before you or your representative sign for the delivery. The term “visible damage” means damage you can see without opening the packaging. Two examples: 1) If you sign for 6 pieces and only receive 5, the truck line is under no obligation to find or reimburse you for the missing piece and may claim that you received all 6 pieces. 2) If you sign for a piece that has visible damage at the time of delivery, but you do not have the driver note that visible damage on the freight bill, they may claim the damage happened after you received it and it is not their responsibility.

Damaged Freight

In the extremely rare instance of missing pieces or visible damage, you must file a claim with the truck line separately from it being noted on the freight bill. They will pay for the replacement of the missing pieces and repair or replacement of damaged pieces. You received the shipment, so it is up to you to file the claim with the truck line before they will do anything. We were not there at the time of delivery, we did not see or count what they delivered, and so we cannot file a claim for you. You are the one receiving the shipment and you have the driver with you at the time of delivery. The driver is to make appropriate notes on the freight bill about your shipment at time of delivery and before you sign for it.


Based upon Federal regulations concerning freight shipments, you legally take ownership and possession of your order at the time the truck line takes possession of it from us. We have delivered the shipment to them in good condition, and they have signed for it. They are responsible for the proper care and handling of your order in shipment.

Customer Support

The above is not to relieve us of responsibility for helping if there is a problem with the freight process. We are available to assist with a problem, but we can only assist you. If there are pieces missing or visible damage, call us right after the driver puts notes about the problem on the freight bill, signs it, and gives you a copy. We will work with you to get the problem resolved as quickly as possible.





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