How many Aqua-Cycles should I buy to start a rental business?

The most successful rental businesses have 5, 7 or even 10 Aqua-Cycles in a variety of colors. Many initial orders are for 4 or 5 Aqua-Cycles, with plans to expand their fleet later. Starting with 1 or 2 Aqua-Cycles will work, but a larger inventory will bring in far more business, as well as income.

What is the normal rental rate?

The average rental rate for Aqua-Cycles is $45 per hour, and $25-30 per 1⁄2 hour. The highest rental rate we have heard of is at a 5-star resort charging $75 per hour and $50 per half hour. Even at low rental rates of $20 per hour, the Aqua-Cycles will pay for themselves in 200 one-hour rentals, which is typical even in a short season of 40 days. This price is per Aqua-Cycle and can be shared between 2 riders.

What kind of payment should we accept – cash, credit card or both?

A hotel will typically want Aqua-Cycle rentals charged to their guests’ room bill, an advantage for your staff because they do not need to deal with cash or credit cards. Most rental operations accept either cash or credit cards. A few locations will only accept cash, but find that credit cards are safer (not so much cash on hand) and more convenient.

How do I track the rentals each day if I hire others to run the business for me?

Most rental businesses create a “rental form” and require all riders to sign the form releasing the business from liability should there be an accident. If the rental forms are pre-numbered, you will have a good idea of the rental activity while you were not present. This also creates an easy way to track the hours of use on each Aqua-Cycle.

How long can I expect an Aqua-Cycle to last?

Many Aqua-Cycles that were manufactured in the 1980’s are still in rental operation today. With only minor, but regular, maintenance, your Aqua-Cycles will stay in good rentable condition for 20 years or more. You can expect to earn the purchase price back in the first year and will then have 20+ more years of trouble-free rental income.

What spare parts do I need to have on hand?

If you purchase a SparePak (spare parts kit) with each Aqua-Cycle at the time you buy it, you will have the spare parts most commonly needed. Each SparePak contains the most common spare parts requested for one Aqua-Cycle. These consist of one Bearing Block Replacement Kit, one Pedal Replacement kit, one Seat Strap Package, one Wheel Plug Package and one Bearing Bolt Package. The eight bearing blocks need to be replaced every 200 hours of use or sooner, which is typically once a season for must customers. This will protect the other parts which are much more from being damaged and will keep your Aqua-Cycles in ready-to-rent condition. All spare parts are readily available for Aqua-Cycles built from 1984 to the present.

What lubrication is necessary?

During your busy season, the Aqua-Cycle bearing blocks should be lubricated once a week with a marine grade grease. Each Aqua-Cycle has eight grease fittings used for lubricating the bearing blocks. The steering area at the top of the fork should be lubricated with WD-40 or silicone lubricant if a squeak develops.





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