ROI Calculator for Aqua-Cycle Water Tricycles

Return On Investment or ROI is a common business tool to evaluate future profitability of an investment or business venture.”

Use our ROI Calculator to quickly know if Aqua-Cycle are right for your situation. Just enter:

1) Your desired quantity of Aqua-Cycles
2) An estimated number of rental days per year
3) An average number of rentals per day, and
4) A rental rate per hour.

Experiment. Try different numbers. See what it takes for Aqua-Cycles to be profitable for you.

Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator
Calculate how soon your Aqua-Cycle investment will pay off

Aqua-Cycle Purchase Calculator:

Calculate for the purchase this many Aqua-Cycles: *Please enter the number of Aqua-Cycles​™​ that you plan on purchasing.


Cost per Aqua-Cycle: *Cost is based on the number of Aqua-Cycles purchased.

Cost per SparePak (spare parts kit), 1 per Aqua-Cycle: *SparePaks are maintenance kits that are sold with each Aqua-Cycle​™​.

Total Cost of Aqua-Cycles and SparePaks: *Total cost of Aqua-Cycles and SparePaks.

Enter Shipping Quote from AAI or leave blank: If you received a shipping quote from AAI.


FREE shipping between now and June 20, 2019: *Please “Request a Quote” for an accurate shipping cost for North America and Overseas.

Initial Investment: *Initial investment of Aqua-Cycles.

BEA - Break Even Analysis (Point at which the Initial Investment is Recovered):

Hourly rate per Aqua-Cycle: *What will be charged to the customer per hour for rentals.


Rental Hours per Aqua-Cycle per day: *Estimated number of hours you expect each Aqua-Cycle to rent per day.


Rental Days per year: *Enter the number of rental days per year.


Gross income per Aqua-Cycle per Year: *Estmiated calculated Gross Income per Aqua-Cycle per year.

GROSS PROFIT per Year: *Estimated gross profit per year.

ROI - Return On Investment Analysis (% Rate of Return on Initial Investment)

Initial Investment: *Initial investment in Aqua-Cycles.

Annual Revenue Generated: *Estmiated annual revenue generated by Aqua-Cycles.

Annual ROI (Return On Investment): *Estimated annual return on investment

5 Year Revenue Generated: *Estimated revenue generated in 5 years

5 Year ROI (Return On Investment): *Estimated 5 year return on investment.